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September 6, 2009


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For the last few months, I have not paid much attention to handset hardware innovations, working under the assumption that it is all about software and applications. So I was taken by surprise this morning when I read that at least four companies – LG, Samsung, Hyundai and RIM – have announced plans to launch watchphones and there is at least one blog,, dedicated to this topic. And the first of these watchphones, LG’s GD910, hit the market last week.  See review on

The idea of a “wrist telephone” has been around since the 1946 when it first appeared in the Dick Tracy comic strip. Here is a link to a 1973 Washington Post photograph that shows a mock-up of such a phone being discussed by a group of people.  Now, for 500 GBP and a two-year contract, you can finally have one! Watchphones with small displays and no QWERTY keyboards are the exactly the opposite of smartphones. I can’t imagine giving up my Blackberry, but once watchphones make it the sub-$100 range, I can imagine having one as a “second” phone;  for occasions when I want to stay in touch but do not want to carry my relatively bulky Blackberry in its holster.


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