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January 22, 2009

Have you downloaded more than 30 apps on your iPhone?

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Apple just announced results for its quarter that ended on Dec 27, 2008.  According to these results, Apple had sold 11.3M iPhone 3G phones between July and December of 2008.  If we estimate that 1.2 million phones were purchased in the first three weeks of Jan 09, it would mean that the total installed base of iPhone 3G phones is ~12.5 million. 

On Jan 20th, Apple’s website proudly proclaimed that its app store has over 15,000 apps and over 500 million apps have been downloaded.  Even if we assume that 25% of these apps were downloaded on iPod Touch, it means that 12.5 million iPhone 3G owners downloaded an average of 30 apps each. This means that there are lots, yes lots, of people who have downloaded more than 30 apps!

The large number of applications downloaded by iPhone users underlines (1) that consumers are hungry to do more with their phones (2) a large base of excited developers is essential for creating successful apps.  Everyday I am amazed by the kind of applications that developers are creating.  For instance, yesterday I found an app to do pushups better and compete with people around the world who are doing pushups.  

Rival phone makers need to do react, and react fast.  There isn’t much stickiness in the traditional feature phone market. Motorola, for instance, has seen its market share decline from 30% (the golden days of RAZR) to 6% by the end of 2008.  And while, Apple announced record results, Nokia is expected to report a 14% drop in revenue today, even though it remains #1,  selling an estimated 470 million units in 2008.


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  1. […] of people who paid for an app used it after 24 hours.  This is not surprising considering that the average number of apps downloaded per iPhone exceeds 30. Those who did not use an app 24 hours after buying it effectively got suckered, but considering […]

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